Alessandor Earnest
Living as many lives as I can before I die!
Improvisational. Whimsical. Absurd. Occasionally dark. Frequently birdlike. James Acaster said I was cool once.
I was tricked into doing standup at New Zealand Fringe. I thought I was signing up for a mime thing. Instead, I had under three hours to write and memorize a comedy set to perform in the nude. Well, they at least let me wear a ruff!
You may have spotted me busking around London in a bird mask, playing silly instruments with a sign that says PAY ME TO STOP.
My oldest friend has a tattoo of my face on his ass, which I put there.
I make it a point to make a public nuisance of myself every day. This is the place to see it.
“You’re going to be famous!”
— Middle-Aged Tory
“The biggest dick of anyone I’ve ever met!”
— My therapist
“This is cool.”
— James Acaster
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